Visible Learning School Matrix Self-Assessment

Do you know the impact you are having on the progress and achievement of all your students? Does your school have the systems, processes, and teaching practices that make the greatest impact on your students?

The Visible Learningplus school matrix self-assessment  allows you to identify key areas of strengths and the next steps for your school, teachers, and students.  Based on the 20+ years of research brought together by Professor John Hattie in Visible Learning: A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses of what works best for student achievement, the school matrix asks over 100 questions that will help you self-assess where you are going, how you are going, and where to next.

Take 5 minutes to answer a sample of 8 questions from the School Matrix below to see how you could use this tool to identify your next professional learning steps.

To find out more about this tool and how the Visible Learningplus program can support your next steps, please inquire with a Corwin representative.

*Abbreviated School Matrix Self-Assessment
This is not established practice in our school
This exists in our school, but is not commonplace or systematic
This is commonplace and systematically embedded in our school
Is there a shared language of learning in the school?
Do teachers empower students to take greater ownership of their own learning?
Do data and evidence drive practice?
Is there a shared understanding of what progress looks like across the school?
Does the school have plans which show a deliberate strategy for raising teacher capability based on the research of what makes the greatest difference to student learning?
Do teachers make the learning intentions and success criteria clear to students?
Does the school have a clear picture of the type of feedback culture and practice that they aspire to have in their school?
Are teachers regularly observed and given feedback?